Kelly Madigan

Hair stylist, advanced instructor, and co-owner at Grasshopper Salon in San Francisco. Hairstylist and instructor at Alibi Salon in NYC.

Alibi Salon SoHo, NYC
UPCOMING DATES : : May 17–19, 2018
67 Greene St, NYC, 212.219.2806
Wed–Fri, 11am–8pm and Sat, 10am–5pm

Grasshopper Salon, SF
DATES : : always at Grasshopper between travel dates
26 South Park, San Francisco, 415.495.0424
Tues–Fri, 11am–8pm and Sat, 10am–5pm


Visit Kelly at Alibi Salon when she's in New York City. Call (212) 219-2806 for an appointment.